Annual report 2021


Record breaking – third year in a row!

OXYMAT revenue, EBITDA and profits are all record breaking. Today, our board has approved the 2021 annual report, and they were happy to do so.

Once again, third year in a row, our results were great. This despite COVID-lockdowns and infections, supply chain issues and a major fire in one of our facilities in Denmark.

We walked the extra mile to get the job done, and did, what OXYMAT has done for more than two decades; our very best to satisfy our customer. And the result followed.

Early 2020, we decided to focus significantly on our disaster medicine products and increase inventory to be able to deliver with short notice. We changed our production plans to keep space in our production lines for COVID-19 treatment.

We were rewarded for focusing on quality and have been able to raise the profit margins in all major industries. We kept focus on our ambitious product development program and launched three new products through the year.

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