Service and spare parts for your O2 or N2 generator

Service Engineering

Our team of highly dedicated and well-trained service engineers travel the world to service your N2 or O2 equipment.

24-hour support

OXYMAT service hotline is always open, and the staff works around the clock servicing every spot on the globe.

Service partners

Many of our distributors have their own service engineers who have received extensive training at OXYMAT’s premises.

Trouble-free operation around the clock

Keep your oxygen or nitrogen system operational 24/7 with the right service and correct spare parts.

You can get in touch with OXYMAT via our service hotline on
+45 5050 5868 or

We have a skilled team including a team of engineers and highly trained technicians which service Greenland, Amazonas, Congo and Cairo, just to name a few sites, with our new “service within 48 hours”-principle.

Availability is key to you as our customer and our partners greatly appreciate our flexibility and ability to service them wherever they are.

Existing generator service

In order to provide the best service possible and guarantee a short reaction time, please include the following information for each request regarding service or spare parts.

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If you are looking for parts for your nitrogen or oxygen generator system, we can help identify the specific component and usually ship it within a short lead time. We stock the most common consumables such as filters, O-rings, gaskets, valves, purity sensor replacement kits, etc. 

Service parts for nitrogen or oxygen generator system

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