OXYMAT supplies nitrogen gas generators for all types of industries

Nitrogen gas generator applications

OXYMAT PSA nitrogen generators can be used in a wide range of applications within many different sectors such as:

Modified atmosphere packaging, inerting, blanketing, purging, tire filling, food and beverage packaging, coal mines, marine, laser cutting, electronics, laboratories, oil & gas, and many more. 

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Please click on one of the general applications to know more about the advantages of PSA nitrogen generators from OXYMAT for your specific application.

If your particular application does not appear from this overview, please get in touch. We do offer solutions for many more nitrogen applications and have only listed the most general ones here.

Special installation

We are experts in making customised solutions for any type of requirement. Let us know your requirements and we will design an ideal solution for your application.

We are experts in making customised nitrogen generators for any type of requirement

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