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Nitrogen application

Laser cutting

Increase your productivity, reduce taper and optimise your process. By using our nitrogen generator as your cutting gas, the laser beam melts the material, and the nitrogen blows away the molten material from the cutting groove.


Wave soldering: Primarily used for soldering through-hole components on to PCBs (nitrogen purity required 50-100 ppm). Reflow soldering: Used in large-scale electronics applications for soldering SMD components on to PCBs (nitrogen purity required 100-200 ppm).

OXYMAT advantages

OXYMAT recognizes the requirement for a reliable source of high purity N2 for laser cutting and soldering. Our products are extremely durable and standard ROI is less than 2 years compared to gas delivered by gas companies.

Applications include

  • Lower dross production
  • Reducing oxidation
  • Improving wettability
  • Increasing quality of joints
  • Less cleaning/maintenance
  • Flux consumption/acidity
  • Reduced defects/improved design
  • Cheaper solder
  • Less rework

Advantages of OXYMAT nitrogen generators

  • Very low OPEX compared to cylinders or liquid gas
  • Remove the hassle of handling cylinders
  • No need to rely on external gas suppliers and fluctuating prices
  • Increased productivity through higher cutting speed
  • Clean cut edges
  • No overheating from exothermic reactions
  • Improved corrosion resistances
  • Oxide-free cuts
  • Dross-free finish

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Oxygen and nitrogen gas generator

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