nitrogen generators

We offer a wide rage of nitrogen PSA generators and as well as a membrane solution.

MOdular solution

Designed for harsh environment

Quality-centric, eco-friendly, space-saving modular PSA solution
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Two-column solution

Best-in-class industry standard

PSA solution with a proven track-record throughout four decades
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Membrane solution

Perfect for retrofit

Flexible membrane solution with world’s smallest footprint
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Lowest energy consumption

PSA N2 generators from OXYMAT have the lowest energy consumption on the market. Our continuous R&D has resulted in power consumption down to 0.22 kW/Nm3 @ 95% purity

Highest quality

Our production is highly standardised. All materials are prepared according to offshore specifications. Piping is made from SS316L and surfaces are powder coated in C4 grade paint.

24-hour support

Our service team is standing by to assist you remotely 24/7. We carry out service worldwide and work with our many service partners across the globe to keep your nitrogen generation plant operational.

We provide state-of-the-art design OXYMAT modular PSA nitrogen generators

By investing heavily in an ultra-modern production facility and rethinking our design, we have managed to eliminate a large portion of our variable costs. Our modular units are made in superior quality, and costs are kept down due to simplified production, lower storage costs and unified sourcing. This means competitive pricing for you when comparing OXYMAT to other nitrogen plant manufacturers.

OXYMAT X-series frame-mounted solutions

If you are looking for a large capacity nitrogen generation package, and footprint is critical, our frame-mounted N2 generators are quite simply best value for money. The system is plug-and-play and the design is well-proven with well over one hundred installations around the globe.

OXYMAT modular PSA N2 generators

Benefits compared to previous models
  • Higher quality materials
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Shorter lead time
  • Longer N2 generator lifetime
How did we do it
  • Simplification – 80% less parts used in our production process
  • Automation – state-of-the-art welding and bending robots
  • Modularisation – two standard size PSA pressure vessels for all capacities
Service and maintenance

A smaller power consumption requires a smaller compressor. As a result, you will not only save on energy but also on running/service costs of the compressor. Furthermore, the stainless-steel valves have a longer lifetime than brass.

N2 generator pressure vessels

Designed for dynamic load

All OXYMAT nitrogen pressure vessels are manufactured, and surface treated in-house. The vessels are welded on our German welding robot and surface treated in our own sandblasting, powder coating, and curing facilities. Vessels are approved for PED or ASME. If special NDT is requested, we have our own X-RAY testing facilities.

OXYMAT custom engineered projects

Each project is custom-built

At OXYMAT, we listen to your demands and design the best possible solution for you. You can get the full line from air compressor to high quality cylinders – whatever your need may be.

OXYMAT custom engineered PSA systems

We design your specific solution based on application, capacity, purity, pressure, classification requirements, ambient conditions, and height above sea level. The more info you can provide us with, the better the solution we can deliver. 

OXYMAT’s custom engineered projects include

Our systems are placed in more than 130 countries in very different conditions and are used for various applications. Our customers include large gas companies, shipyards, refineries, and gold mining companies. Each project has its own challenges, and we are up to the task – every time.

OXYMAT X-series frame-mounted solutions

Unique frame design

OXYMAT Tonnage Units – uniquely designed X-series with a small footprint and low energy consumption. The framed design secures quick installation and start-up offers a low CAPEX compared to cryogenic ASU.

Capacity of the units

Our frame-mounted PSA N2 generator covers 9 models with capacity in the range from 74.14 to 5558.19 m3/hour. Flow measured in Nm3/h. Purity up to 99.9999%.


A frame-mounted X-version includes PSA, buffer vessels, filters, advanced control, dew point, pressure, temperature, flow, purity and remote monitoring included.

Applications overview

Click below to learn more about the different N2 generator applications OXYMAT covers.

Nitrogen generator applications

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