Oxygen special

Oxygen supply equipment designed to your needs

Highly specialised oxygen supply equipment

OXYMAT engineers very specialised oxygen solutions to meet your requirements:

  • Containers
    • We have specialised in containerised solutions.

  • ATEX
    • If your unit is to be placed inside an EX area we can help.

  • Documentation
    • OXYMAT delivers documentation to the greatest level. Our references include oxygen supply equipment for nuclear power plants.

  • Climate
    • Our units are placed everywhere in the world, from Greenland to Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

  • Altitude
    • We design oxygen systems for thin air. Some of our units are in active service in the Himalayas.

Plug-and-play oxygen installations worldwide

OXYMAT is at the forefront of oxygen generation technology, offering advanced solutions to various industries and healthcare sectors around the globe. Our container and in-frame solutions are engineered to be ‘plug-and-play and user friendly.

Our oxygen generators improve gold recovery and lessen environmental impacts, optimizing leaching and cyanidation processes.

Enhancing oxygen levels for salmon and other fish farming, our technology ensures healthier growth and promotes sustainable practices.

  • Secondary Treatment: Our oxygen generators aid in the biological breakdown of organic matter, efficiently reducing pollutants.

  • Ozonation: For advanced purification, our oxygen generators are essential for the ozonation process in wastewater treatment, providing the high-quality oxygen needed to produce ozone.

Our medical oxygen generators are crucial in healthcare settings, delivering high-purity oxygen necessary for various medical applications. These systems are specifically designed to meet the stringent standards of medical care, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Tailored for the unique needs of military and field hospitals, our oxygen generators provide a steady supply of medical-grade oxygen, essential for both emergency and routine care in challenging conditions.

oxygen quality

Check out our quality page to learn about our high quality standards

Check out our quality page to learn about our high quality standards

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