Ozone and water

Oxygen application


The overall cost of producing ozone is decreased drastically if oxygen is used as feed gas. OXYMAT already cooperates with many different ozone producers worldwide – and we have great expertise in designing units to work with ozone generators.

Drinking water treatment

Modern fresh-water plants are closed to avoid the water getting in contact with air and thereby decrease the risk of contamination by air-pollution or similar. In closed systems 95% pure oxygen is mixed into the water at a level of 7 ppm per litre, giving the perfect oxyanion of the water.

Waste water treatment

Treatment and cleaning of waste water is a complex process, in which oxygen plays an important role. OXYMAT offers oxygen generators for bio filters and as feed gas for ozone generators. Similar to ozone generators the bio filters need pure oxygen to become as efficient as possible.

Advantages of OXYMAT oxygen generators

  • Highly cost effective
  • Low in energy use
  • Increases the effectivity of removing pollutants
  • Environmentally safe
  • No need to rely on external gas suppliers and fluctuating prices

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Advantages of OXYMAT marine nitrogen generators

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