Military and field hospitals

Oxygen application

COVID-19 treatment

OXYMAT have delivered generators to fight COVID-19 in Italy, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Peru, Norway and Israel. Our units can be installed quickly and can help patients within days of delivery. Our standard units deliver O2 for 50 bedsides using only 25 kWh.

Low resources settlements

OXYMAT pallet solution is ideal for low resource settings – such as refugee camps. The system is installed quickly and as the only company OXYMAT can deliver everything required to deliver O2 for the patients. All we require is a plane surface and diesel.

Military installations

Our units are plug-and-play making them ideal for military applications. OXYMAT has delivered units to many different armies around the world including: U.S. Army, Danish Army, Dutch Army, French Army, Indian Army, Pakistani Army, Greek Army. We have done installations in Afghanistan and Iraq during wartime.

Special design features

  • OXYMAT can deliver the entire line (from diesel generator to piping)
  • Our solution can include cylinder filling and back-up
  • High quality materials
  • Units are designed for durability in rough conditions
  • Quick on-site installation and start-up
  • Optional container or frame-built solution
  • Remote control access

Advantages of OXYMAT Continuous

  • Dual function – filling and back-up built into one unit
  • Compact design – [length x width x height] = 2.5 x 0.9 x 1.9 meter, weight = 1.6 tonnes
  • Moveable – lift, move, install with forklift / hoist
  • Plug-and-play – connect to your oxygen supply and start filling cylinders

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Oxygen application for military and field hospitals

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