Oil and gas

Nitrogen application
Nitrogen generators is commonly used in the oil and gas industry

Enhanced oil recovery

In some of EOR projects, nitrogen can be used to flood marginal fields.

Pigging and purging

Nitrogen can be used as the driver to push the pigs through the pipe. Nitrogen can also be used to purge the pipeline after pigging has been completed.

Well stimulation

Nitrogen lifting is used to initiate production on a well following workover or overbalanced completion. A coiled tubing string is used to apply the treatment, which involves running to depth while pumping high-pressure nitrogen gas.

Advantages of OXYMAT nitrogen generators

  • Can be placed on a truck
  • Able to reach high purities
  • Designed for very high ambient temperatures
  • Same unit can produce 95% and 99.9999%
  • Very high quality workmanship – made for harsh conditions


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Oxygen and nitrogen gas generator

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