Mining and mineral processing

Nitrogen application

Mine fire prevention

In coal mines, nitrogen is primarily used to prevent mine fires and to inert abandoned areas of mines reducing oxygen level thus lowering limit of explosion.

Non-aggressive firefighting source

Unlike other firefighting sources – water, powder, foam – nitrogen neither causes corrosion nor any other harm as other agents tend to. The consequences of using nitrogen are easily eliminated by just airing the premises.

Stationary or mobile solution

The nitrogen generator can provide nitrogen at required flow and purity and can be placed stationary or as mobile unit to extinguish pit fire at reasonable cost.

Advantages of OXYMAT nitrogen generators

  • Inexpensive medium for inerting – only compressed air is required to produce nitrogen in required purity and quantity.
  • Underground fire extinguishing – by reducing oxygen to below a level where burning is possible.
  • Constant fire and explosion safe atmosphere – nitrogen injecting in abandoned areas or mines eliminates the threat of fire or explosion.
  • Oxygen, heat, and fuel are frequently referred to as the “fire triangle”. Remove any one of these three elements and you will not have a fire or the fire will be extinguished. Essentially, fire extinguishers put out fire by taking away one or more elements of the fire triangle. What is easier than displacing oxygen with nitrogen and thereby eliminating the risks of fire.

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Nitrogen as firefighter sources

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