Dear business partners, friends and network,

Thursday last week we witness a full-scale military attack on Ukraine from Putin.

It is the darkest moment in our great European history for more than seven decades.

It is time for enterprises and companies to stand up for their true value and look away from budgets and profit for a time.

OXYMAT has decided to freeze our Russian and Belarus accounts immediately. 1.5 million euros in our order books to Russia has been frozen, it is mainly oxygen generators to hospitals. The ban includes spare parts and service as well as remote service. The decision to freeze medical deliveries is based upon OXYMAT´s evaluation of availability of medical oxygen in Russia and Belarus, should a new pandemic situation occur, we are willing to evaluate this part of the ban*.

I call for all family-owned enterprises with strong values to follow us, make a stand, take your losses, and show who you are as company. Show entrepreneurial activism and GO BEYOND THE SANCTIONS, united it will become powerful.

* UPDATE: Due to lack of medical oxygen in some parts of Russia, OXYMAT has reevaluated the ban of medical oxygen to hospitals.

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