On-site oxygen generators for desulfurization in biogas production

Oxygen application

Biogas as biofuel

Biogas is a renewable biofuel generated from the decomposition of organic matter, which recently has become a valuable resource for producing heat and power. It mostly consists of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), along with water, trace amounts of nitrogen gas, carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrogen (H2). However, biogas can contain impurities, particularly hydrogen sulphide (H2S), which can be problematic if left untreated.


Particular biomass sources used for biogas production may have a high sulfur content, which leads to formation of H2S in the biogas. When combined with moisture present in the biomass, H2S creates an acidic and corrosive mixture known as alkali sulphide. The alkali sulfide can severely damage fermenting equipment made of wood, concrete, and metal, such as pipelines


To tackle these issues, oxygen is introduced into the biogas production process, a method known as biogas desulfurization. Controlled oxygen dosing within the fermenter and equipment encourages the development of specific bacteria capable of microbial desulfurization. In this process, oxygen acts as a neutralizer when it encounters corrosive gases like H2S, preventing damage to plant surfaces and equipment.

Advantages of OXYMAT oxygen generators

  • Reducing Environmental Impact: By efficiently removing impurities like H2S, onsite oxygen generators contribute to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly biogas production process.
  • Enhancing Safety: Onsite oxygen generators eliminate the need to handle oxygen tanks during delivery.
  • Functional Flexibility: These generators are compatible with various industrial complexes, requiring only a reliable source of electrical energy.
  • Dependability: With OXYMAT’s onsite oxygen generation system, concerns about missed deliveries of conventional oxygen supplies become a thing of the past.
  • Cost Efficiency: Generating oxygen on-site eliminates the costs associated with ordering and transporting oxygen tanks from third-party suppliers, allowing for more streamlined operations and cost savings.


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