Annual report 2020

OXYMAT nitrogen and oxygen gas generators of superior quality

Record breaking year!

OXYMAT annual report 2020 shows record breaking revenue, EBITDA and profits and we have once again proven our agility to change direction with short notice and win market shares with our gas generators, this time by focusing on COVID-19 treatment.

2020 will be remembered as an annus horribilis – due to the horrific pandemic situation that hit our office in China in January 2020 and later came to Europe.

Early 2020, we decided to focus significantly on our disaster medicine products and increase inventory to be able to deliver with short notice. We changed our production plans to keep space in our production lines for COVID-19 treatment.

We were rewarded for focusing on quality and have been able to raise the profit margins in all major industries. We kept focus on our ambitious product development program and launched three new products through the year.

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