Oxymat generators treat refugees with Covid in Bangladesh

Jesper Bo Sjøgren and Dr. Lea Sjögren

Medical Oxygen for Cox’s Bazar

Oxymat setup up oxygen systems and pipelines to bedside for 300 patients in 4 different locations in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh in only 5 weeks.

Dr. Lea Sjögren was onsite and supervised the installation of the units. They are running successfully and are helping people in need in Bangladesh.

Oxymat has successfully build a disaster medical team of project managers, sales, administrative & technical staff to deliver after one goal:

We can help any organization setting up emergency hospitals in any country in 3-5 weeks.

Scope of supply:
– Design of pipeline systems
– Sizing of oxygen generators
– Risk assessment
– Documentation
– Onsite training
– Onsite installation supervision
– Onsite commissioning
– Back up cylinder system
– Cylinder filling
– Pipe line to bedsite
– PSA Oxygen generators
– Diesel generators