OXYMAT generators treat refugees with C0VID-19

Jesper Bo Sjögren and Dr. Lea Sjögren before leaving for Cox´s Bazar, Bangladesh

Medical oxygen for Cox’s Bazar

OXYMAT setup up oxygen systems and pipelines to bedside for 300 patients in 4 different locations in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh in only 5 weeks.

Dr. Lea Sjögren was onsite and supervised the installation of the units. They are running successfully and are helping people in need in Bangladesh.

OXYMAT has successfully build a disaster medical team of project managers, sales, administrative & technical staff to deliver after one goal:

We can help any organization setting up emergency hospitals in any country in 3-5 weeks.

Scope of supply:
– Design of pipeline systems
– Sizing of oxygen generators
– Risk assessment
– Documentation
– Onsite training
– Onsite installation supervision
– Onsite commissioning
– Back up cylinder system
– Cylinder filling
– Pipeline to bedsite
– PSA oxygen generators
– Diesel generators

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