MDD certified oxygen generators

OXYMAT MDD certified

MDD certified

OXYMAT sees an ever-increasing demand from customers for improved energy efficiency generators and increasing focus on turn-key on-site PSA plants.

The PSA (pressure swing adsorption) system is a safe, reliable and cost-effective process of producing oxygen locally, where the gas is required. It provides users with a flexible and cost-effective solution, where no polluting transport is required.

The climate-friendly solution

OXYMAT has designed and developed a modular generator (Nordic Series) in close cooperation with our medical customers.

OXYMAT is glad to announce that the O2/air factor, is still the best on the market. Power consumption has been optimized with up to 14% and new features are included to prolong the PSA service interval by 50%.

The modular design is easily integrated with any existing oxygen supply (cylinders, cryogenic or other PSA systems). OXYMAT has invested heavily in modern production facilities in Denmark to increase efficiency. The assembly line with automated filling of molecular sieve and automated test procedure is unique in the business.

Additionally, OXYMAT has:

  • improved the power consumption
  • Improved design for cheap and environmentally friendly solution (EUR-Pallet size)
  • upgraded all pipes & valves to SS316L
  • upgraded surface treatment to powder coating for extended lifetime (C4)
  • achieved the lowest dB
  • systems are ASME & UL approved,
  • achieved the most precise data with use of climate test room
  • higher quality pressure vessel– inhouse X-ray testing
  • in sourced production of pressure vessels which reduces supply chain issues

Your experienced supplier

OXYMAT has supplied more than 4.500 PSA oxygen/nitrogen systems worldwide which has made us the largest and leading European manufacturer. OXYMAT has delivered oxygen systems to the medical applications for more than 10 years with OXYMAT ’s other product series, which is the Twin-Tower Oxygen Generator. The Twin-Tower Oxygen Generator has for years held all relevant medical certifications. And now OXYMAT is happy to announce that since February 2020 OXYMAT’s Nordic Series (modular products) has now also received the MDD (Medical Devices Directive) certificate. Which means that the healthcare sector worldwide now can benefit with a more climate-friendly solution. In fact, OXYMAT has already delivered the new Nordic Series Oxygen Generator to a hospital in Paraguay. And more orders are in the pipeline to be delivered in 2020.

  • 500 generators in +130 countries
  • +10 years experience with medical applications
  • MDD certificate


With the new Nordic Series, the medical applications market will be able to benefit greatly from on-site PSA gas generator system. The Nordic Oxygen Series is the most climate-friendly solution for oxygen on the market. Contrary to getting liquid oxygen on tank, no polluting trucks are required.

With a documented lower energy consumption, medical applications will get a solution that is economically advantageous. In most cases, return on investment (ROI) is less than 2 years. In addition, there is a focus on high reliability and quality. OXYMAT has gathered a lot of know-how from customers and OXYMAT always helps the customer to find the right solution.

The best alternative to liquid supply or filled cylinders

On-site oxygen generators for medical use are increasingly considered the best alternative to traditional liquid supply or filled cylinders. With an OXYMAT oxygen generator, one will get a secure and constant source of pure oxygen, produced directly at the hospital or care site, and that oxygen is available when it is needed.

OXYMAT on-site oxygen generators are the wise and safe choice when choosing hospital oxygen supply. The global demand for oxygen generators in the medical field is growing rapidly and to us this is a great challenge, though the European medical market is still only slowly opening up to PSA (pressure swing adsorption) generated oxygen.

PSA medical oxygen generators have been proposed as an answer to the high cost and logistical problems associated with oxygen cylinders, the traditional method of supply. Medical oxygen, which is potentially life-saving, is in limited supply in the developing world where studies shown that most health facilities have inadequate oxygen availability and the factors that are important for ensuring oxygen supply differ between facilities. Having a reliable oxygen supply is therefore an important goal for health facilities and reinforces the emphasis on PSA medical oxygen generators as an alternative means.

Donations to hospitals around the world

OXYMAT has donated generators to hospitals around the world. This means that we help hospitals in regions with limited resources to have a steady flow of oxygen. So far, we have donated units to:

  • Egypt (hospital 57357 treating children´s with cancer)
  • Nepal (general hospital with urgent requirements after earthquake)
  • India (Hindu Mission Hospital)
  • Tanzania (TUMBI regional referral hospital)

If you know of a hospital that needs an oxygen generator, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not have a long list of requirements, but the hospital must be open to all people of all faiths and provide free service for people in need.

For more information regarding OXYMAT and our solutions to hospitals e-mail or call at +45 4879 7811, and one of OXYMAT’s competent employees can guide you to the right solution for your needs.

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