Sustainable production

OXYMAT sustainable production - working with SDG goals

OXYMAT is taking part in UN sustainable development goals (SDG)

OXYMAT prioritize corporate sustainability and responsibility. We are constantly changing habits and have invested substantially in green energy. OXYMAT is proud to have a more sustainable production.

We have significantly reduced the energy consumption (more than 15,000 tons of CO2 yearly) for our new Nordic Series of oxygen and nitrogen generators. The following changes have been implemented for our factory in Denmark:

  • production running 100% on clean energy (wind & solar)
  • home sourcing of our vessel production to minimize transportation
  • reduction and simplification of spare parts
  • designed for extended lifetime for main components
  • optimized design resulting in reduced equipment weight and material use
  • all lights have been changed to LED
  • end-product is designed for energy efficient transportation (EUR-pallet sized units)


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