OXYMAT delivers first low energy oxygen generator

OXYMAT low energy oxygen generator for aquaculture

This is a big milestone

Two years of development and build-up of new production facility, culminated this past week as OXYMAT in Denmark delivered the first low energy oxygen generator. Also known as the OXYMAT Nordic Oxygen Generator, the plant capable of producing over 14 tons of oxygen per day will be installed in a salmon smolt farm on the Faroe Islands.

“This is a big milestone for us,” says CEO and founder of OXYMAT Jesper Sjögren. The new OXYMAT Nordic Oxygen Generator is the only PSA based oxygen generator that can produce 1000 kg of oxygen for less than 600 kWh of electricity. That is over 40 % less than other oxygen generators and up to 80 % more economic than liquid oxygen.

This will give the customer a saving of more than € 250.000 per year, and even better save Faroe Islands for a consumption of 1.700 megawatt per year or 0.5 % of the country’s total electrical consumption when compared to traditional PSA systems.

For many fish farmers there is constantly a focus on lowering production costs. The biggest expense is fish feed, and often oxygen cost will come on a second place. For many fish farmer, there is a big potential for cost savings by switching from liquid oxygen to the new OXYMAT Nordic generator. The typical return of investment for such a system, lies on about 12 to 14 months taking all expenses into consideration.

Oxygen generators has for a long time been known in fish farming, but with our new OXYMAT Nordic generator we can now offer a more cost-efficient supply of oxygen than before”, Sjögren explains. With a solid foundation as supplier to the salmon business in Norway, Faroe Islands, Australia, and Chile, OXYMAT already have additional orders for the OXYMAT Nordic generator.

The new OXYMAT Nordic Oxygen Generator is indeed a green investment that protects the environment and at the same time cuts costs for the fish farmer. “We call it environmental excellence, and the generator is manufactured solely using green energy from wind and our own solar panels on the roof of our factory”, Jesper Sjögren concludes.

For more information regarding OXYMAT and our game-changing development for aquaculture, e-mail sales@oxymat.com or call at +45 4879 7811.

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