Updated marine program

OXYMAT nitrogen generators for marine applications

OXYMAT has successfully launched an updated marine program!

2017 was the beginning of a new era for OXYMAT. The production of PSA generators for marine applications was moved to Denmark. This move was based on the marine sectors demand for high quality products. The new units are designed and produced in Denmark and made from upgraded materials. Furthermore, the power consumption is the lowest on the market.

High quality materials

  • stainless steel pipe sets and valves
  • sandblasted and powder coated pressure vessels
  • low energy consumption
  • lower OPEX for owners
  • smaller compressors (lower CAPEX for yards)

Already 20 new marine units sold

Both shipyards and owners have both responded positively to the new design and OXYMAT has successfully sold units to both existing and new customers. Our new design even paved the way for entering the Korean market for the first time.

Reference list of new marine units:

China: 9 x oil/chemical tankers
Taiwan: 6 x oil/chemical tankers
Korea: 2 x gas carriers
Dubai: 1 x offshore supply vessel
Turkey: 1 x platform supply vessel
France: 1 x tug boat

The future looks bright

2017 was just the beginning. Our pipeline is rapidly increasing and 2018 will be the most successful in OXYMAT’s 40 years history.

For more information regarding OXYMAT and our solutions, visit www.oxymat.com, e-mail sales@oxymat.com or call at +45 4879 7811, and one of OXYMAT’s competent employees can guide you to the right solution for your needs.

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