Modern fish farming in Faroe Islands

Oxygen for modern fish farming

Oxygen generation for fishfarming

One of the leading fish farming companies in the world is Bakkafrost. Bakkafrost is a true story about how efficient fish farming can be turned into a successful business. The Faroe Islands based company has in just a few years become one of the most important players in the salmon industry worldwide, producing more than half of the total production of salmon in Faroe Islands. Leif Mohr who is OXYMAT’s business partner in Faroe Islands has supplied numerous of OXYMAT PSA Oxygen generators to Bakkafrost through the past years.

One of the reasons for this success, is the courage to implement new tools into the production. PSA Oxygen generators are one of the keys behind this enormous success which Bakkafrost is experiencing. Being independent from cylinders or bulk supply and being able to increase the level of dissolved oxygen into the water, by using 93% pure Oxygen produced by an OXYMAT PSA generator. The PSA installation has not only increased the number of smolt being produced on land, but it has also increased the size of the smolt and rate of survival.

Bakkafrost has more than 30 PSA Oxygen generators from OXYMAT running 24/7/365. In addition, 4 new generators have just been installed at the new smolt station at the Island of Vidoy. The total capacity is more than 180 kg per hour of 93% pure oxygen, and the generators supply 16 huge water tanks for smolt.

Vidoy island is one of many islands. Faroe Islands consist of 18 islands placed in the north Atlantic Ocean. The islands were formed by Vulcanic activity about 50 million years ago. Around 50,000 people lives here. These breathtaking islands are controlled and ruled by nature and are host for many different species of birds.

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