New and improved marine generator

OXYMAT nitrogen generators for marine applications

A better system for the same price

OXYMAT has experienced increasing success in the marine market during the last decade. From being an industry newcomer in 2005 we have become one of the largest marine N2 generator suppliers in the world. To keep increasing our market share and revenue on this challenging market we decided to update our design and production drastically.

How does it benefit you?

  • Power consumption is +10% lower than any other N2 generator on the market
  • All pipe sets and valves are made from stainless steel
  • All pressure vessels are made from sandblasted and powder P265 in C4 grade
  • The system is modular and can be expanded if capacity demands change
  • System is now produced in Denmark
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Outlet pressure from 5 bar(g) to 9 bar(g)
  • Purity from 95% N2 to 5 ppm O2 content
  • Still same competitive price as before


A short sum up: you can buy an even better system for the same price. The materials are upgraded and your OPEX will drop quite significantly. A smaller power consumption results in a smaller compressor, which means you will not just save on energy but also on running/service costs of the compressor.

Furthermore, the stainless-steel valves have a longer lifetime than brass. 

How did we do it?

  • Simplification of our production – 80% less parts
  • Automation – state of the art welding and
    bending robots
  • Modularize our system – 2 base systems that
    can be expanded based on your wishes


By investing heavily in an ultra-modern production facility and rethinking our design, we are now able to remove a large portion of our variable costs. To give you a few examples of what this means in reality let’s look at our pressure vessels and pipe sets. We used to spend more than €1.000.000 yearly purchasing pressure vessels. With our new setup, we will manufacturer and treat the surface of all pressure vessels in house.

The vessels are welded on our German Kloos welding robot and the surface treatment is done in our brand-new Danish designed sandblasting, powder coating and curing facilities. We will always have vessels on stock and all vessels are approved for both ASME and PED. If you request special NDT we even have our own X-RAY testing.

For the pipe sets the story is the same. We used to have a very large number of generators (both oxygen and nitrogen) in different sizes which resulted in about 100 different pipe set configurations. With the new setup, there are two. The same pipe set can be used for all applications and they are both ASME and PED.

With a modern/modular design, a leaner production and more control of our value chain we are pleased to let you reap the benefits of our hard work. You will get the best generator on the market at a competitive price.

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