OXYMAT Partners with LAXEY for Salmon Farming Oxygen Supply

OXYMAT is pleased to announce a significant partnership with LAXEY, a leading Icelandic salmon farming company, to supply oxygen generators essential for their salmon farming operations. This collaboration aims to enhance the growth and sustainability of salmon farming by leveraging OXYMAT’s proven PSA oxygen gas generators, which have demonstrated success in similar projects in the Faroe Islands.

LAXEY, located in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, operates a hybrid flow-through salmon project that capitalizes on the natural advantages of land-based aquaculture. LAXEY has ambitious goals to scale up production significantly, supported by their recent investments and innovative practices.

Kim Andersen from OXYMAT visited LAXEY to discuss the project details and consolidate the partnership. During the visit, Hallgrímur Steinsson and Gísli Geir Tómasson from LAXEY, along with Þorvaldur Tolli Ásgeirsson and Hlynur Snær Sæmundsson from HD Technical Services, provided a comprehensive tour of the facilities and the grow-out site. This visit underscored the commitment of both companies to advancing sustainable aquaculture practices.

In addition to LAXEY, OXYMAT is collaborating with HD Technical Services, one of Iceland’s premier industrial and technical service providers. HD Technical Services will provide essential technical support and maintenance, ensuring the successful implementation and operation of the oxygen generators at LAXEY’s facilities.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in sustainable aquaculture, combining OXYMAT’s expertise in oxygen generation with LAXEY’s innovative salmon farming practices and HD Technical Services’ technical prowess. Together, these collaborations are set to drive advancements in the aquaculture industry, benefiting both the environment and the market.

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