Strategic Partnership Between OXYMAT and Oxzo to Advance Aquaculture Solutions

Aquaculture partenrship between Oxzo and Oxymat

We are announcing an exclusive partnership with Oxzo, a provider of on-site oxygen solutions for the aquaculture industry. This collaboration combines our expertise as a manufacturer of oxygen generators with Oxzo’s specialized knowledge in oxygenation processes for sea cages. Together, we aim to deliver innovative and efficient solutions for our customers in the aquaculture sector.

This partnership brings together two industry leaders with a shared commitment to excellence and sustainability. By leveraging each other’s strengths and resources, we will develop state-of-the-art technology that ensures stable, high-quality, and energy-efficient operations. Our joint efforts are focused on benefiting the Norwegian aquaculture industry, known for its advanced practices and high standards.

Svein Arve Tronsgård, Business Development Director at Oxzo Technologies Norway, said, “By joining forces with Oxymat, we are combining our expertise to create solutions that will significantly enhance the efficiency and sustainability of aquaculture operations.”

Our partnership with Oxzo is aimed at optimizing production processes, improving efficiency, and enhancing sustainability. The solutions we develop will be designed to meet the specific needs of the Norwegian aquaculture industry, suitable for both seawater and onshore applications. This approach will provide tangible benefits for both businesses and the broader aquatic ecosystem.

Kim D. Andersen, Sales Manager Aquaculture at Oxymat A/S, noted, “Combining Oxzo’s specialized knowledge with Oxymat’s experience forms a solid foundation for collaboration. This partnership opens opportunities for innovation and strengthens our ability to tackle the challenges facing the aquaculture industry.”

We believe that this partnership with Oxzo will drive growth and collaboration in the Norwegian aquaculture industry. Our combined expertise and resources will enable us to offer innovative solutions that directly impact the sector, enhancing productivity, sustainability, and profitability. We look forward to the contributions this partnership will make to the industry and the marine environment.


Oxzo Technologies Norway, a branch of the Chilean company Oxzo, provides fully automated systems for producing oxygen, air, and ozone for the aquaculture industry, both at sea and on land. Their advanced systems, like the Oxymar automated pontoons, enhance fish farming operations by increasing production efficiency and reducing fish mortality. These comprehensive solutions support multiple generations of fish and offer decision support to customers, ensuring better conditions for fish and more efficient operations overall.

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