Oxygen application

World’s largest well boat

OXYMAT delivered the oxygen package for Ronja Storm. The system has a capacity of 4 x 98 kg/hr.

World’s largest smolt station

OXYMAT delivered the oxygen package for Bakkafrost’s smolt station in the Faroe Islands. The system consist of 7 full lines – each with a capacity of 650 kg/hr.

Quick ROI (1-2 years)

Power consumption is more than 40% lower than any other oxygen generator on the market. Overall cost reduction up to 80% in comparison with cylinders. No on-going costs (refills, delivery and transportation charges etc.)

Applications include

  • PSA generators can supply oxygen for all aquaculture applications
  • Our models range from 2.4 to 576.42 kg/h
  • Modular design that can be upscaled if capacity need change
  • All pressure vessels are sandblasted and powder coated P265 in C4 grade for extended lifetime and reduced maintenance

Advantages of OXYMAT oxygen generators

  • No safety risks of handling high-pressure cylinders
  • Safe delivery; controlled flow and uninterrupted gas
  • Easily installed in addition to any existing oxygen supply (cylinders, cryogenic or other PSA systems)
  • Generate the O2 you need, when and where you need it
  • Very low OPEX compared to cylinders or liquid gas
  • Remove the hassle of handling cylinders
  • No need to rely on external gas suppliers and fluctuating prices
  • Advanced central control system carefully operates the system ensuring the desired oxygen quantity and quality is supplied
  • System can be containerised and placed outside – even in extreme temperatures

Learn more about our oxygen generatrors here. 


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Nitrogen and oxygen gas generator at OXYMAT

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