Annual report 2020

OXYMAT nitrogen and oxygen gas generators of superior quality

Record breaking year!
OXYMAT annual report 2020 shows record breaking revenue, EBITDA and profits and we have once again proven our agility…

The launch of OXYMAT 10

Gas generators that produce high-quality oxygen or nitrogen on-site

A new Danish design classic is born!
The innovative new unit is a complete game changer. The unit is compact and flexible in use and transportation. The figures speaks for themselves. Incredible capacity from an exceptionally compact plug-and-play solution…

Oxygen is critical

When oxygen is critical - OXYMAT can help

When oxygen is critical
– OXYMAT can help
Today OXYMAT decided to rush a production of 30 medical MDD certified oxygen…

MDD certified oxygen generators

OXYMAT MDD certified

MDD certified
OXYMAT sees an ever-increasing demand from customers for improved energy efficiency generators and increasing focus on turn-key on-site PSA plants…

Sustainable production

OXYMAT sustainable production - working with SDG goals

OXYMAT is taking part in UN sustainable development goals (SDG)
OXYMAT prioritize corporate sustainability and responsibility. We are constantly changing habits…

Updated marine program

OXYMAT nitrogen generators for marine applications

OXYMAT has successfully launched an updated marine program!
2017 was the beginning of a new era for OXYMAT. The production of…

Nitrogen injection

Nitrogen injection copper mining

Use of nitrogen injection in porous plug technology.
Today, with a stringent economic and environmental climate prevailing in the copper business…