What is industrial oxygen?

Industrial oxygen PSA installation

Industrial oxygen is a type of oxygen gas used in a wide range of industrial settings. Unlike medical oxygen, which is highly purified and tightly controlled for medical purposes, industrial oxygen may not meet the same level of purity and is specifically designed for industrial use.

Purity levels

The purity levels of industrial oxygen is generally lower than of medical oxygen. 
Industrial oxygen often contains a higher number of impurities, which makes it not suitable for industrial use.


It is used in various industrial processes, including metal cutting and welding, chemical oxidation, mining, wastewater treatment among others and as an oxidizer in ef.x. rocket fuel. 


There are usually two main methods used to produce industrial oxygen, that is air separation through cryogenic distillation and through pressure swing adsorption.

Storage and transportation

Typically, it is stored in big containers and moved either in cylinders or tankers. It is critical to take safety precautions because of its heigh reactivity and the possibility of promoting combustion. 


Safety standards must be followed when using oxygen for industrail use, despite it being less regulated than medical oxygen, because it carries potential risks like promoting combustion.


It has an important significance in differend sectors, as it contributes to the production methods and impacts the effectiviness and standard of industrial outcomes.

(On-site psa technology)

Having patent for one of the most innovative PSA technologies, OXYMAT supplies on-site oxygen to the global demand in various industries. We have more than 6,000 installations worldwide. From countries located South America, in Africa to the far east, our generators are used in various industries such as a gold mining, basalt fibers production, iron processing (pig iron), gas welding and more. 

As a leading company in the production of PSA oxygen generators, we provide various options that are customized for the specific requirements of a sector or industry. They include the advanced modular solution oxygen generators, as well as the traditional Twin-Tower, also referred to as the Two-column. Purity levels of the generated oxygen ranges from 95 to 99%. 

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