Warsaw hospital (National Stadium)

Warsaw hospital (National Stadium) oxygen generator for COVID treatment

Customer: Central clinical hospital of Ministry of internal affair and administration Poland Application: Medical oxygen units for Warsaw Hospital. The units were installed in the national stadium utilized as an emergency field hospital ready to take Covid-19 patients from Warsaw area. Why Oxymat: Time was the most important factor for the customer and Oxymat was […]

Serum Institute of India Ltd.

Oxygen generator delivery to Serum Institute of India Ltd.

Customer: Serum Institute of India Ltd.  Application: Oxygen units for pharmaceutical application. The customer has 8 units in with different capacities from Oxymat dating back to 2001. All of them are still in operation. Why Oxymat: For Serum Institute of India the quality of oxygen and the operation costs are the main focuses. Oxymat´s units […]

Arendal Norway

Oxygen generator delivery to Arendal municipality, Norway

Customer: Arendal Municipality, Norway Application: Oxygen units for emergency care in sports hall. Because of the mobility the unit can be shared between 5 neighboring municipalities. Why Oxymat: A mobile unit with ability to deliver oxygen for 50 patients was the goal for the customer. Oxymat´s Medical Pallet units fit the purpose perfectly. Customer statement: […]

The launch of OXYMAT 10

Gas generators that produce high-quality oxygen or nitrogen on-site

A new Danish design classic is born!
The innovative new unit is a complete game changer. The unit is compact and flexible in use and transportation. The figures speaks for themselves. Incredible capacity from an exceptionally compact plug-and-play solution…